Need some review about html template

I wonder if it needs more work or It doesn’t fit in Themeforest Html Template basics (Is there such a thing)? If I submit such a template, Themeforest will accept or reject it? What do you think?


I’m not a Themeforest author, but I’m pretty sure it will be hard rejected.

There is noting premium in this template. The header image is way too big, the navigation is hardly visible and is there any access to the main menu before scrolling down?

I suggest you to do a research on your competition on the market and start from scratch.

There is nothing much to see in your template as [Stachethemes] mention.
If its not onepage template , you should provide:
About us/me page
Archive page
Category page
Single page
Search page
Contacts page
Would be nice to provide All elements page - page showing all elements used in your template.

Thank you so much @Stachethemes and @snuffybg for reviewing and feedback.