Yet another "Rejected: why?" topic :)

well I was quite happy as I have had no rejections for some time, but here it is again…

So I am just asking for some ideas, just to know how to improve, I had the feeling that the music and the mixing are ok, but maybe the problem is the “commercial” part, how this music could fit a video?
I don’t know, so any idea is welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Oh, yes, the link:

For me your track is really good and the work of composition fit totally with the folk style ! However, I heard some “guitar click” (fingers movements) during all the track, and when you starting to focus on it you realize that there are several !

Don’t worry ! Keep it up !

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The letter says that it “does not meet commercial standards”?

yes, like all the hard rejections. This is an automated answer.

There are different types of letters.

Hey @frozenjazz, it’s a nice track! I would guess the distorted guitar is possibly the main reason for rejection. Maybe you could use a less ‘fuzzy’ sound and aim for more clarity? For example, especially the chord at 1:27 is a nice jazzy chord, but it sounds muddy.

And I agree with @Osynthw about the guitar finger noises- they are more pronounced because of the delay, so if you edited those out it would be considered more ‘commercial’ I think. Good luck!

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oh, ok, I did not know. For now all my emails where the same for hard rejection. I had some explanations when I had “soft rejections”.
Could you show us examples of different “hard rejection emails”?

Thanks for your answer. Yes, it is probably this guitar (which is a true real one :)) which is the culprit.