2nd time hard reject, even after your guys help :/

So according to some help i got here from the experts (really thank you guys) I realized some mistakes and made some changes to this song, but still, they reject it. I got this song accepted on other websites already and here they still doesnt. Any other suggestion? I’m a beginner on music production and would really appreciate any suggestion! Thanks

Any suggestion? :S

First of all congratulate you for your music. Although the song was not accepted, I can listen to a material that has a lot of intention with a very good sound and with a lot of potential.
I think the reason why it did not have acceptance is because it has a very rigid structure that makes it stumble.

I will try to explain it well. I find that both 1:01 and 2:02 all go too much together new at the same time and you have to think that although it may have a lot of value and naturalness in a concept of indie folk music in Audiojungle we have to make music that is easily adaptable to a visual use. It is music that adapts to the video, not the other way around. Then there is a big stop at 1:38 this is unaceptable at AJ because everything tend to be “loopy”.

Therefore, a simpler and more gradual construction would have made the track successful.

I would advice you to watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ0lWGe5cRU It is an old video but worth it because of you will find what reviewers look for to accept

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You don’t know how happy i get when someone takes their time to listen and help others like you did! I try to to that as much as i can here, but since i don’t have too much experience and knowledge sometimes it gets hard to help reviewing a song!

“It is music that adapts to the video, not the other way around”
That what you said makes a lot of sense and i wasnt thinking this way when doing most of my soundtracks!
I’m gonna start to compose them differently for website selling purposes from now on!
Thank you very much for your advice!

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