Yeees, ActiveDen is back!

Finally, after being officially retired in 2016, ActiveDen is back to life.
You must be wondering how come I know it’s true?
The Fun Fact!
Here it is the evidence:

Can’t wait to download Macromedia Flash 5 and kick some a**…

That would be good!

I don’t think that’s the case… Flash is dead aside from a few in the animation community, and no modern browser supports it (or are at least in the process of dropping support for it). Adobe doesn’t even have flash anymore, they rebranded and reworked it into Adobe Animate, and they don’t even have the .flv file type anymore.

The only reason I can think of that showing up is because it still exists in the back end of the Envato Market.

Mate, the topic is a joke. I wanted to pay ppl’s attention to Envato’s outdated Fun facts panel. It’s not a first time that the 3 years dead ActiveDen took place in that very side-panel. I thought that if I post it here, the people in charge might re-think about the purpose of Fun facts…
Thanks for your answer anyway!

I had a feeling haha. My bad.