Sunset of ActiveDen - Farewell

Hi All,

After 9 great years, today is the day we’re saying goodbye to ActiveDen.

As of today a redirect has been put in place whereby all ActiveDen traffic will be redirected to a landing page which will provide alternate links where applicable. All items are now being removed and alternate item suggestions are made on the relevant item pages from our other great marketplaces.

Many thanks again to all of our ActiveDen authors, buyers and affiliates for your support over the years!!

Original announcement can be found here:


Byeeeeeee ActiveDennn!!! :sob: :sob: :sob:

Aww… so sad :pensive:

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Yes, I’m sad for activeden :frowning:

A sad day indeed. Activeden was the first step for me (and probably many others). So rest in piece :slight_smile:

I don’t understand, why no goodbye 3docean? only activeden yes but no much buyer purchase 3docean.