Don't get rid of Actividen, simply include other languages that people actually use!

Also these new forum categories are bad, this doesn’t fit into any of them even though it should.
But anyway, Actividen is for Flash and Unity 3D, but just because people don’t use those platforms much anymore doesn’t mean there aren’t still people making games and websites and animations.

All Actividen has to do is shift focus to more industry standard and indie-standard languages such as html5 and javascript (which are much more optimized than flash and google doesn’t hate them, note that javascript is different than java), c++ (a classic, still strong as ever), python (well, everyone’s heard of python) and my personal favorite, Haxe with its cross-platform compatibility. These are the languages/platforms more commonly used than flash and unity 3d, so simply make Actividen about those and it’s saved.

For HTML5/Javascript there is CodeCanyon. In my opinion Envato took the right decision to close down ActiveDen.

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Oh, why would they have two different sites all related to one general concept?

I reckon this is one of the reasons that Envato moved all of the different marketplaces under the same umbrella (Envato Market), as there was perhaps some confusion or ambiguity when deciding which site to use.

I personally would love to be able to sell Python scripts or many other languages, but I just don’t think that there’s a market for it (pardon the pun) and watching Envato’s moves over the last couple of years shows them wanting to refine their product line and really become leaders in certain fields rather than trying to accommodate everyone and everything.