Xtra theme and author removed?



Hi there,

I recently purchased the Xtra multipurpose theme (with extended support for 12 months). I have just come here to look something up only to find the theme/author (Codevz) is no longer available. As I haven’t received any communication from either TF or the author, would anyone know why this theme has been removed? it was only updated a few days ago.

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You can get idea about that from this article.


Still have any question get in touch with envato help center.



Hi unlockdesign,

Thank you for your quick response. I guess I’ll sit tight and see what happens to it as i didn’t get the latest updated version.



What is the reason behind this? Any idea?


same thing here, why was author Codevz removed? I have remix theme & they say they are trying to resolve w/ Envato. The theme has several plugins tied to it (wpcomposer, essentialgrid, etc. We can only get updates from author. You can’t even read the comments.
Can you put some kind of explanation? Did they go out of business, did they delete it, did you remove it for violations?


They’ve not gone out of business. I contacted them today. If you have any support issues/queries they can be reached at https://codevz.ticksy.com

As I understand it they are awaiting ENvato to answer a ticket. I don’t know any more than that.


Thank you


I have multiple licenses from Xtra theme. Envato has the worst support available. There is no one to answer a simple question or inform us about it. If it was a copyright claim the support from Envato should know about it.
I’m still amazed Envato can’t even send out a simple mail to inform people why something has been taken down. I have many more items that vanished.
Hopefully Codevz can make their own store or something and has a database of all license keys.

#update, March 14. I did get refunds and gonna rebuy some licenses, because the theme is very versatile and has quicker tools then most themes especially for designers. Still don’t know the real reason why they were removed.


I noticed that you have suspended the sale of the theme “XTRA - Multipurpose WordPress Theme + RTL | Business”.
In the last year I bought 4 licenses of this theme and I would like to understand what is happening, I wrote to the developer who replied to me to ask for a refund to be able to eventually buy back the licenses on their marketplace site.
Is it possible to get a refund to buy other themes on themeforest?
Thank you.

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Copyright or DMCA claim can disable that item.

You are able to get refund or not you will understand after reading this article.

New Refund Request



If it was a copyright problem, can someone mention the theme it had the problem with? The Xtra theme was the best I’ve ever seen on themeforest - with all the elements, and the most customizability. Nothing else even close.


Envato does not reply to refund requests and left me waiting for weeks now. Silence. No replies.
I shall never buy nothing from here any more. I feel cheated by Envato.