Where does Envirra and her WordPress themes go?


I noticed that the Blackmag WordPress theme disappear from my downloads. In the last 2 months I noticed 3 items have been removed. Regarding the other 2 items I was able to contact the authors and there was no problem. But this time I do not know where this author go… And she has a lot of theme listed to sale and a lot of sales.

What can I do?



Not a lot unfortunately as authors can remove their items at any time with no notice to Envato or buyers… You are buying files “as is” which basically means you buy the items as they are downloaded, it’s upto you to keep a copy safe as they can and will be removed from Envato at any time.

The main reasons are:

  • there is an issue with the the item so Envato or the author removed it from sale to fix it.
  • the author doesn’t wish to sell the item / decided to sell it elsewhere

The best way is to contact the author if their profile is still available (themeforest.net/user/username) and they will be able to tell you why if was removed and if it will be coming back on sale.


I am in the same situation as you. 2 days ago, I searched BlackMag theme to buy it, but I found that it doesn’t exist. I searched the profile of the author to contact with the team, but it doesn’t exist too! What has happened? That author has Presso theme too, and this is a theme used by a lot of people and quite popular, and it is not here too. All the works from the portfolio of Envirra have disappeared. It is a pity because BlackMag is the only theme I wanted for my website, and now, I don’t know what to do.

I have purchased the theme “NEUE”. And now Envirra is gone. What should I do now to. In the comments also useful information were to my theme in it. Everything is gone now. But why?
I would like to contact Envirra in contact, but unfortunately you will not find information. Are the themes developed further.
Where can you find Envirra?

I need it too :frowning:
Somebody from Envato can do something please ??

Did have this muliple times now and so… now again
It;s getting ridicolous.
The least Envato could do in such a case is something like this:

  • Notice customers that author decides to leave (if it is an author decision)
  • Give customers one week to download the latest available version
  • Explain to cutomers by Envato why an author is removed - if that is the case.
    Simply looking at page not found messages just gives Themeforest and Envato a bad name.
    Please improve the service!
    Thanks, Robbert
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Rest assured, everyone. If/when an item is removed, it’s possible (under some circumstances) to get a full refund. For example:

If the item was; removed within 5 days of your initial purchase And / Or has not been downloaded, please open a refund request.

We always recommend downloading and backing up any purchases as soon as you buy them. :thumbsup:

For more information, please see:

Has anyone found Envirra yet? She has killer themes… a real loss to Themeforest. Can we send an international alert to locate her?

All Envirra’s demo sites are still live…
Just need some contact details… damn!

Hi people!

I am having the same issue too! But there is one problem! I tried to contact Envirra by e-mail and nothing! They/Him/Her would give me support by e-mail and I would get an answer in one or two hours! I am waiting now for more than a week. I went to see the WHOIS of the domain envirra.com and found the details of the owner of the domain. I tried to contact by e-mail and even tried a phone call but the number didn’t exist. Got the address too but don’t if it’s going to help :frowning:

I contacted Envato and they deleted Envirra’s account but they don’t tell me the reason why!

BTW, has anyone had any issue with the sidebar? Mine is not showing up! I tried everything! And I need help ASAP!

Hope I could help,

Does somebody have the last version of espresso by envirra ? I need the last update :-((
but well, as you said, everything is gone !
thanks for help !!

I can’t believe this has happened!!?!? Does anyone have the latest version of Presso? I wish they could have given us a notice to download before deleting theme. If someone has latest version please let me know!!

That doesn’t really tell us anything about this situation. Many people have used these themes and now we are all left in a lurch without any explanation. I’ve purchased a lot of themes on Themeforest and I’ve only done so from authors who had many sales and a long track record on here to avoid this issue. Considering these themes are so popular do we not deserve to be told SOMETHING about what is occurring with this theme author? 5 days and not downloaded is cold comfort for those of us who have built our websites around her themes and are now left scrambling with the notion we may need to move to a completely new theme or never update wordpress again.

If she was removed because there was something wrong with the code will we not be told?

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I sent a request to the “Help Center” over 3 days ago and not word from them as of yet… They have managed to scrub and sterilize the mention of Envirra and the Sprout theme, I had such high hopes for.

Envato really bungled handling this, no page, no description, no forwarding contact info.

I find it hard to believe a company so large would be so inept at servicing their clients. Usually when a persons/ persona goes black on any companies site it speaks to a CYA policy and lawyers circling the wagons.

This is all speculation, the only thing I can say as fact, is that Envato has taken my money sold me product and said you are on your own.

Thanks for being a glorified credit card processor Envato! I only hope word spreads of your company policy for casual indifference to providing a reasonable response as to where we go from here.

It’s not upto Envato to let you know why an author removed their files, Envato are just the seller of the items, an author can remove their items with no notice and no reason at all as they own the files.

For reasons unknown the author doesn’t want to sell their items anymore so you really have 2 choices:

  1. Start again with a new theme (there will be similar themes available)
  2. Find a developer who can help you keep your theme upto date.

This is one of the risks of using a marketplace instead of a theme shop, the marketplace sells items by other authors.and they have no control over the items.

This is unacceptable.
Envato should at least keep the theme’s support thread up.

Lesson learnt, Envato NEVER more!

this will probably happen soon more often :slight_smile: the problem here is, that you have no power as buyer. you don’t get any information about deleted file. you don’t get any information why is it not available anymore. you are not able to download the latest version of it.

you can ask the support for a refund! but it won’t help you if you already started your website or business with these themes. here the frustrations starts :slight_smile:

What does Envato has to say about this?

Anyone has any news on this topic?
A simple “We’ll remove our template, download it” would do the trick.
Envato should warn creators to give a 1 week window (at least) for us to prepare for a template change or something like that.

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I too was buyer of one of the Envirra Themes which I liked a lot “STELLA” the issue is that there was a wordpress update after I purchased and of course there was an issue with the theme. When writing a new or editing an old post the visual editor no longer worked.

You could work in code view but not in visual mode so in effect the Theme is broken and not working. When you purchase a theme you have 6 months of support included, if you buy a theme and in 3 months the developer withdraws from Envato or Envato Removes the developer and there is no support available you are not receiving the product that you bought (ie the 6 months support that is part of the purchase) you are entitled by law in some countries to a refund.

If you have contacted Envato in good faith and tried to resolve through the developer you can contact your credit card company or pay pal and have the charge reversed automatically. This is not true in all countries and not on all credit cards but Pay Pal, American Express, Visa and Mastercard in the US, Canada and EU have this policy.

However, I have found Envato more than willing to work with buyers when this happens, and in some cases there is nothing anyone can do. I bought a theme like 3 years ago and it was not updated after 2013 so it is a useless theme in Wordpress due to out of date technology and well who is gonna give you a refund after 3 years.

One recommendation from recent experience, if you are gonna buy a theme buy one with a company with history and lots of sales, I just traded Stellla for another “new” theme which in theory is spectacular but after the second update to fix some bugs it is riddled with new problems that the developer in a week now has not been able to solve. Look for experienced developers with extensive experience in wordpress or your platform otherwise companies come and go every day and you might get left with a theme that didn’t sell well and the developer isn’t going to invest time or money into to update.

Good luck and if anyone does find these guys or they reappear I would love to see what they have.

Any update on this? I send envirra an e-mail an hope to get answer.

cheers, xooops