Phlox Pro Theme Removed and account not accesible.

I was going through the popular weekly WordPress themes list and found out that Phlox Pro WordPress theme was removed and the account is banned/deleted or i don’t know what happened. Can anyone tell me the reason behind it as it is very alarming for an author getting your item removed in which you put your heart and soul into. I am also working on a WordPress theme for over an year now and i don’t want myself into such trouble. Also there was one more popular theme “Boo” that was taken down too. I need to know all this so i don’t make any mistake myself.


There is no mistake from you.
That item are not available at envato themeforest i was that author account is disable cause their account is suspended view to dmca or copyright claim.
now you are not able to get support purchase any of item from them.


may be there are any specific reason to remove the theme. More info here Why has my item been removed. Hope this article will help you to understand.

Hi, i am getting The purchase key is not valid. [VA509] (masterSlide Pro). Help me, please!

Item Title:
Master Slider – Touch Layer Slider WordPress Plugin

Item URL:


Ooh sorry about that your purchase item is no longer available at envato market.
I think you will not received any kind of support on that item any more.


Then I’ll probably want to get my money back


Then you must have to getting touch with envato customer success at here

we can’t help in this situation even this is not right place to getting solution for your issue.


Just for clarity - Envato won’t discuss why an item is removed with anyone but the author question and the fact that Envato can not guarantee the lifespan or availability of items is in the T&Cs we all agree to when buying.

Depending how long ago an item was purchased they may make an exception, and not all items removed are permanently gone - may just be temporary but that’s a question for author more than Envato

Any idea behind the removal? Why it was removed?

Man, the growing uncertainty regarding item bought on Envato is real; especially themes on Themeforest. SMH!! They need a better way to communicate those situation. It’s frustrating to spend so much time (and money) building sites with a theme and to wake up to find the theme removed with no reason attached.
Now I’ve lost money on three themes: Phlox, Boo and Xtra
Losing money is one thing. However, losing the money and the countless time spent building with those themes is a crushing blow. For Envato to sit pretty without the need to explain or give any updates is insult added to injury.


While I do sympathise entirely with your point, as envato do not own the copyright to any item for sale here it is pretty much impossible for them to discuss these things.

Plus in many cases envato don’t actually know what is happening - there is nothing to stop an author simply removing an item for whatever reason and they do not need to inform envato of why.

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When a theme is removed as is the case with one of my websites…how can we modify that site? I’m noticing that when I go into my wordpress site to manage it, the page builder or content builder that the author implemented seems to be missing…how is this possible? I’m no developer and so I am confused.
Do I have to start over with a new theme?