My website has disappeared. Envato listed Wordpress Theme as Download not available

My wordpress website has gone blank.
I came on Envato to check to see if there was a new version available only to find the “Download not available” and “Item removed by either staff or the author”. Is this cause? Does this mean I need to redo my whole website again? What’s happening? Please help…

If the theme is not available any more on ThemeForest your options are:

  1. Try to find the author and to ask him directly about the theme (the best / cheap / fast solution).

  2. There are JS errors on your website you can try to hire someone from to fix that but probably there are more things which need to be fixed.

  3. To find a new theme

Try to install this plugin in your admin:

This should buy you some time. Then you should migrate to a different theme ASAP.

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Thanks guys… I have tried the plugin and it seems to have not done a lot, unfortunately. I will try and email the author but it looks like they have pulled out of Envato. I will keep my fingers crossed…but it looks like a new theme is needed. I am not being funny, but that SUCKS! How is it they can do this?
Thanks again…

In your admin go to Tools / jQuery Migrate and switch jQuery version to Legacy.

Unfortunately, items come and go. Also, if the item was not updated to work properly with the latest version of WP, downloading it again wouldn’t help you anyway.
If you still have the valid support (6 months form the date of purchase by default, if you haven’t extended it), you can at least get a refund.

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I think the error is not theme related. Do you have access to your hosting control panel on your server? (DONT POST DETAILS here if you do).

I think the problem is server related. I’m happy to look at it for you if you want to PM me.

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This worked…thank you so much! This theme is a couple of years old now, at least. But at least it up and running again. I had a little play around with it and it seems it was a plugin called Redux and WPBakery that was breaking it. These were plugins with licenses related to the theme…which I suppose no longer exist now they have pulled the theme from Envato?
So I am assuming this is a temporary fix and I need to get on to this ASAP?

With what I said about plugins being required for the proper function of the theme, I think we like the look of the current theme. However, we don’t really want another situation like this with the next theme. Is there something we need to look for when searching for a new one, or is plugin intergration and reliance part and parcel these days when buying a theme?

Redux is a free plugin you should be able to update right in your admin. However, it is possible that the theme is using some additional Redux extensions which are paid, and if you are not a developer, not easy to update.

As for the WPBakery Page Builder, you can buy your own license from If you like this page builder, then you will be able to use it with a different theme if you make a switch in the future (if the theme support this builder of course).
However, I would highly suggest to try different page builders as well, like Elementor or Gutenberg (default WordPress editor). If you are open to use a different builder, you will have much more themes to choose from.

I would certainly recommend to switch to a new theme. You don’t have to do it today, or this week, but in the upcoming months for sure. Otherwise, be ready to hire a freelancer to fix your theme if something goes south again. It may happen once the next WP version comes out, or maybe in few years, but it will very likely happen sooner or later. Theme has to keep up with WP updates and disabling the WP updates is not really a recommended longterm option because of security.

Some general tips when choosing a new theme:

  • read not only reviews, but also item comments
  • check if the theme is regularly updated, any serious theme will have a changelog, usually linked in the item description
  • check not only the item you are interested in, but also other items from the same author (again, reviews, comments, updates)
  • you can ask pre-sale questions in item comments to see how long it takes for author to reply (and how satisfied his reply is)

Thank you so much…this is all incredible advice. I think we already did buy a separate license for with Redux or WPBakery. I cannot remember now…but I think it might be best to get on to it and find a new theme ASAP. Poor theme security and old WP versions are never a good idea.
Thank you again!

@LSVRthemes excellent advice

@dcphotographic glad it has been sorted for you.

Take care and Merry Christmas