Item removed

Could I please get informed for what reason this item was removed:
This means what for me: no more updates?

It may be only temporary removal. Try to contact the author via contact form on his profile page to get more info:

It seems that it’s fully removed. It may be some compatibility issues for latest WordPress version. So, you should contact the vendor in order to get a clear reply.

I tell you one thing, I bought this item fo 75$ and with this I bought the hope to get regulary updates also. If this item was removed for whatever I’m awaiting a message from Envato or the author what was the reason for removing and how to proceed. This theme is made with custom plugins. So if it is no longer supported means that I’ve to change the theme. Easy as that. But in my eyes this is damned brazen behaviour.

Best to get in touch with support, they can advise and/or refund if required…

Envato Market Help and Support

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