WZone is AMP capable, all you need to do is ask,

Hi, I recently purchased the Wzone plugin from AA teams. While my site is fully AMP capable the installation of this plugin started causing cURL issues which slowly started breaking AMP of my site.
Goes without saying I turned to the Devs who swung in to action immediately and within a fortnight solved the issue (support team is fantastic), albiet just for me for now.
Since not many people use AMP they have not integrated the patch to their code.
In any case if you are reading this and want to buy the WZone plug in and are unsure of AMP compatibility, do not hesitate go for it. It works flawlessly.
You can view https://buy.guru with AMP and wzone.
Just buy the plugin install it and ask them to patch your installation and you have a perfectly AMP comaptible plugin.