Do I need both Wzone and Wzone Lite?

Hello folks
Yes, I am new here. I did search for my question, but nothing was found.
I had a fellow recently build me a site on wordpress.
He installed Wzone himself and asked me to install Wzone Lite.
1.) So I just wondered if both plugins are really necessary and
2.) Should I be paying a fee here for the plugin or theme? I had no idea at the outset which themes and plugins he was planning to use. I am conscious that he advised all plugins are included, but I now wonder if that was a schpiel to get me to take the service.
I do like my new site, but I don’t want any avoidable issues, so I’m trying to work out whether it was a con, and that I may need to purchase pro versions.
FYI, he also installed woocommerce, and woostify as well as Wzone/Wzone Lite.

Thanks for your time.

Have you tried to contact the item author for the support/help?

Sorry. I followed the links to this forum as the general support forum.
But I may have got lost.
Will continue my search for aateam

Just in case, i returned to the author page for AA-team.
And they appear on Envato market.
I clicked the forum option at the bottom of the page.
If someone can direct me to the right page, then I would be very grateful.

I bought the product via EnvatoMarket. And codecanyon and aa-team.
I need to raise a support issue on AA-team but I need to register on their site, using my envato username.
I have tried both Firefox and Chrome same issue is that I am unable to register. No error message just a swirling blob on the screen.
Has anyone else had this and is there a solution please?