WZone Malicious Code

I previously inquired upon with AA-Team regarding this code reported as malicious: wp-content/plugins/woozone/modules/noaws_import/assets/app.build.js

AA Team people replied “don’t worry about it”.

After a short period of time, Google blacklisted the site (Dangerous Site Warning) because it was RIDDLED with additional malicious code that took me days to track down and kill. And even more time to be re scanned by Google and reinstated.

I currently admin 23 sites and have NEVER had such a badly infected site as this one. The only difference was that I used WZone plugin on this one site. There was also a logged entry where one of the AA Team, using supplied credentials, logged into my account and installed software without my permission.

After cleaning the site, I reinstalled your WZone plugin, did another scan, and once again it came back with a malicious return.

Here’s my question: if this line is harmless, why are TWO reputable scans returning this as malicious? Why did my site become SO infected? Why does’t AA Team fix it? Something funny is going on here. I’m sure Envato Market would be interested in this.