Virus in your downloads

Not sure where to post this but I couldn’t find any way to contact Codecanyon directly. I was/am trying to download a plugin that I purchased from Codecanyon “WHMCS Client Area for WordPress by WHMpress”. It won’t download because it is infected with a virus. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING. I was able to notify the company that developed the plugin and they informed me that they notified Codecanyon of the issue but that was over two weeks ago now…

Does anybody know how to contact Codecanyon or Envato directly to report this? I need that plugin, I paid for that plugin. This is no way to do business. It appears that I am not the only one that has experienced this, and yet there is STILL NO WAY TO CONTACT ENVATO OR CODECANYON. Doesn’t say much for either of them.


I am not sure but I think you are getting this from Windows Defender.
Windows Defender is notorious for false positives. If you disable Defender, download the file, re-enable Defender, and then manually scan the zip file, it doesn’t detect it as infected. If you’re still concerned, you can Contact Support and they’ll have the file re-checked.


Thanks for your speedy reply. It’s definitely being caught by Windows Defender. I’m not sure of it’s “notoriety” but personally, I’ve never had a false positive before. If I were to follow your advice and it turned out that it was a virus that wipes out my entire system, will Envato be responsible for the damages caused?

Additionally, I was able to download the first three of the plugins to the series, it’s only one giving the warning and failing do download. And one of the reasons I don’t think it is Windows Defender giving a false positive because I’ve downloaded that file (earlier versions) several times before without issue.

I’m going to contact support and hear what that have to say as well.

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Downloading a zip file won’t hurt your computer, even if it is infected. It’s only an issue when you try to open the zip file or its contents.

If you’d like to move forward with the plugin immediately, you can safely disable Windows Defender and download the plugin. Don’t open it – instead, head over to and upload the zip file. They will scan it against all the top antiviruses and you can determine if it’s a false positive or not. Most likely, even Windows Defender will mark it as safe. But if it is infected, delete the zip file and send the virustotal results to support.


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