Write & Share an AudioJungle Item Testimonial and Win a Share of 10 x $50 Envato Market Credits

##We want you to write and share testimonials for AudioJungle items you recommend (any genre, any category) that fellow authors can display on their item and profile pages!

##What we’re looking for

###We want you to write and share a testimonial and recommendation in 150 words or less for an item you’ve previously purchased from AudioJungle. It could be for an amazing item you’ve purchased, something that sounded beautiful, or a track that just worked perfectly with a project you created!


  • Authors value your positive feedback, it inspires them to continue creating great items
  • Being able to use real customer testimonials on item pages and profile pages can really help give confidence to other buyers
  • By sharing your testimonial as a buyer, you will be able to have a positive impact on the future success of an author you have already invested in and influence fellow buyers to experience useful and high quality content.
  • We’d love our valuable customers to interact and post their testimonials directly in our community forums so that authors may share your words of praise and appreciation to help promote their items.

##How to Enter

  • Write a testimonial in 150 words or less for an AudioJungle item you’ve previously purchased. Your purchase must have occurred prior to October 1, 2016, so existing purchases only.
  • Post the testimonial right here in our official forum thread to obtain an entry into the giveaway!
  • Think about why you like the item, how it has helped you with your project, or why you’d recommend it to someone else.
  • Include with your entry:
    – Your testimonial (150 words or less)
    – Your real name OR your Envato Market username you’d like attributed to the testimonial.
    Include the item name, a link to the item, AND the author’s name who created the item.
  • You can enter as many times as you like but only one testimonial per author, please. Even if you have purchased multiple items from an author and you like all items, please only provide one testimonial per author.

##Prizes & Random Drawing

Everyone who enters will be entered into our $500 random drawing where we’re giving away 10 x $50 Envato Market credits!

  • 10 x $50 Envato Market credits up for grabs!
  • Each winner will also receive a Won a Contest badge
  • Each winner can win a maximum of one x $50 market credit prize.

After the event has concluded, we will use a computer application to determine 10 random winners from all entries received.

##Important Dates

Deadline: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (11pm AEDT)
Winners Announced: Friday, December 2, 2016.

All entries received may be used/quoted by authors for promotional purposes on either their item page(s) or profile page.

###Good luck!


Wouldn’t this mainly be geared towards Video Hive members? I mean people who make audio don’t also buy audio unless they’re like a lead designer/developer.

it’s interesting :slight_smile::rolling_eyes:

This is aimed at buyers, not authors. A nice way to interact with them and make them more implicated in the community.

Привет всем! Многие отличные треки из-за рейтинга не попадут в эту коллекцию, а жаль…


My Username : ArtSignProductions
Item Name : Click
Item Link : Click
Author’s Name : Area_Sounds

When I was working on a project for my client. We needed a click sound but he said he would take care of this. He searched on many sites He could not find any item fit for our need. Then I mentioned the website audiojungle and said him try there. After 15 mins he sent an link to me and I bought it for just $1 and then we realized sometimes spending lot of money could not even get a very simple sound to our needs. Author of the music has included both the .mp3 and .wav files. we were also need .wav file. .Wav is the high quality file. His item tags helps us to find his project. Thank to the author!
We are so happy :slight_smile:

I always thought paying for testimonials would be frowned upon

@MetroMusic Customer testimonials are free and voluntary. We’re simply encouraging customers to provide some testimonials for authors/items and we’re giving away some prizes as an incentive. We’ve done this before and received a huge response. :thumbsup:

Great, great idea because most of the time you don’t have any feedback from buyers and you have to look at most popular tracks to feel the direction. Even those who already bought item from you never tells why. First of all this point can help to author open his skills in some success kind of genre and create couple of variations, and second is he don’t need to copy anyone cause he will know whats the value he has.
So, any solution which can help authors and customers to find link, will be really useful.

An interesting maneuver!:slight_smile:

My Username : tlgames
Item Name : City Ambience
Item Link : https://audiojungle.net/item/city-ambience/15743411
Author’s Name : 3DHome

My Testmonial:
Its so good city ambience sound files.I definitely recommend it.I used this voice in my mobile game.
The rear car and detail sounds are pretty good.This feat is one of the really good sounds you can get.And I think it’s a rare voice.You can easily use this sound in all your productions in the city.
The file size is pretty good as well.The effects have been used very successfully.As a result I would like to thank the person who made this product.Produced a very clear and beautiful sound quality.
Thank you to the seller

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When I was making a promotional film, I offered to its customers several songs to choose from with envato.com
In addition, customers can search for and select music themselves. Once they have decided on music composition (Happy Pack | Pop from @yellowbus), I bought it and made a montage video.
Music was several style and it really helped me to make it, because video was longer than one track.
Here’s what happened: http://vimeo.com/146331407
Thank @yellowbus for good music!
I wish all of music creators to use more live instruments than a synthesizer.

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I was working on a trailer for my book and was looking for the perfect audio track when I came across Sad Inspiring Trailer by Cyril Nikitin. I didn’t really know what I was looking for but the second I came across that track I knew it was perfect. I’ve definitely of this site because of all the amazing and quality items.

User Name : KipaLoops
Item Name : Robotic Arm
Item Link : Robotic Arm
Author : Art-of-Sound

I really like this sfx because with just $1 I’ve got a very robotic sfx and 6 different sounds of a moving robotic arm. Very useful for your next video games projects,

User Name : KipaLoops
Item Name : Wonderland
Item Link : Wonderland
Author : pinkzebra

I was looking for a duet song for our short movie project about power of relationships and this song was absolutely perfect! I was honestly amazed by the voices, the music touches, the soul, and incredibly awesome words of lyrics, beautiful tracks! It definitely added a value to my project and my client appreciate it.
Overall, I had a great experience using the Envato Market.
Thanks Envato.

User Name : KipaLoops
Item Name : Cinematic Rise Hit 1
Item Link : Cinematic Rise Hit 1
Author : Mexikus

One of my favorite sound effect rises with futuristic tranformation sound. It can be used for any kind of project due to its flexibility sound. Really great for you intro logo or video projects

My User Name : LaurenWong
Item Name : Heartbeat
Item Link : https://audiojungle.net/item/heartbeat/9324365
Author : Sound-Ideas

I am a commercial videographer and I am constantly looking for the best quality sound effects, and I always recommended to Sound-Ideas.Their sounds are top notch as far as quality and range. These guys really know what they are doing.Their portfolio on AudioJungle is extensive.
Total.Highly Recommend it!

My User Name : LaurenWong
Item Name : Upbeat Ukelele Ad
Item Link : https://audiojungle.net/item/upbeat-ukelele-ad/4165863
Author : delgibbons

I bought this item for my client video project, and I do love this beautiful tune. It made my client like too, he request for unique corporate motivational ukulele backsound and Delgibbbons had the perfect song to combine with the best part.

This track is a classic upbeat ukelele tune, happy and motivational, with a main melody on the xylophone and music box, bass guitar accompainment, piano and live drums for good measure. Ideal for corporate presentations, adverts, podcasts or even electronic demonstration videos.

Thank you Delgibbbons and Envato.

User Name : KipaLoops
Item Name : Interface Sounds
Item Link : Interface Sounds
Author : Walperion_Music

I used this sound effect in my mobile game project. I like this sound effect because I’ve got 7 various warm interface sounds for ‘new message’, ‘popup’, ‘notify’, game menus, button, ‘bonus’ ‘help’ popups etc. All the sounds are quite general and usable for multiple purposes. Mainly for applications, games, menus. Check out Walperion_Music portfolio. You’ll find various useful sound effects!