Win a $500 Envato Market Shopping Spree By Writing a Christmas/Holiday Item Testimonial



##We want you to write and share a testimonial for any Christmas and holiday related item on Envato Market you recommend (from any Envato Market site) that fellow authors can display on their item and profile pages!

##What we’re looking for

###We want you to write and share a testimonial and recommendation in 150 words or less for a Christmas related item you’ve previously purchased from any site on Envato Market. It could be a graphic, a video, music, a web template, absolutely anything from Envato Market as long as it’s Christmas related.


  • By sharing your testimonial as a buyer, you will be able to have a positive impact on the future success of an author you have already invested in and influence fellow buyers to experience useful and high quality content.
  • We’d love our valuable customers to interact and post their testimonials directly in our community forums so that authors may share your words of praise and appreciation to help promote their items.
  • We want to give someone the opportunity of getting $500 to spend however they want on Envato Market, just in time for Christmas!

##How to Enter

  • Write a testimonial in 150 words or less for a Christmas or holiday related item you’ve previously purchased. Your purchase must have occurred prior to October 25, 2016, so existing purchases only.
  • Post the testimonial right here in our official forum thread to obtain an entry into the giveaway!
  • Think about why you like the item, how it has helped you with your project, or why you’d recommend it to someone else.
  • Include with your entry:
    – Your testimonial (150 words or less)
    – Your real name OR your Envato Market username you’d like attributed to the testimonial.
    Include the item name, a link to the item, AND the author’s name who created the item.
  • You can enter as many times as you like but only one testimonial per author, please. Even if you have purchased multiple items from an author and you like all items, please only provide one testimonial per author.

##Prizes & Random Drawing

Everyone who enters will be entered into our $500 random drawing where we’re giving away a $500 Envato Market credit!

  • 1 x $500 Envato Market credits up for grabs!
  • The winner will also receive a Won a Contest badge

After the event has concluded, we will use a computer application to determine a random winner from all entries received.

##Important Dates

Deadline: Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (11pm AEDT)
Winner Announced: Friday, December 2, 2016.

All entries received may be used/quoted by authors for promotional purposes on either their item page(s) or profile page.

###Good luck!

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Today’s Date: 29/10/2016
There is still the opportunity to purchase

As you said purchases
On October 25, 2016 was conducted
After the purchase deadline has expired.


Hi @loghmanmaroofi8 We’re specifically looking for testimonials for purchases prior to October 25. This is simply to avoid anyone having to purchase a new item to enter this giveaway. Thanks for understanding.


You mean here? where I am writing this?

And what are christmas related items? a link to that category would be helpful.


Hi @webnesters! Correct, please add/write your testimonial in the thread you’re looking at right now. Just click the “Reply” button below and post it. Here are some examples of a similar event we ran.

It’s any marketplace, any category, as long as the item is Christmas related. e.g. a vector file of a Christmas tree on GraphicRiver, a Christmas/holiday song on AudioJungle, or a picture of Santa Claus on PhotoDune etc…

Hope this now makes sense and good luck! :slight_smile:


I’ve never seen a competition quite so detailed, but here we go for a shot with my first entry!

MY username: gsfriend
Item Name: Christmas - E-commerce Responsive Email + Builder
Item ID: 9526006
Item Link:
Item Author’s Username: digith
Testimonial: This email template has everything needed to throw together a quick and effective holiday campaign, including and easy to use online editor, well document code for quick HTML edits and good options for beginner and advanced coding editors!


And my final entry, if I did it right!

MY Username: gsfriend
Item Name: Promo, Holiday Email Template + Builder Access
Item ID: 9763115
Item Link:
Item Author’s Username: saputrad
Testimonial: My deciding factor on ALL the templates I choose is inclusion of the online editor and good code commenting. This has it all and is VERY easy to use!


I really love this audio clip! It is lively and fun and makes me feel super Christmassy. I plan to use it in an animated video and know it will liven it up.
Name: KarenFerreiraArtist
Item name: Christmas Coming
Author’s name: Sixthtulip


One Page Master html 5 portfolio template is one that can help you elucidate your work as a developer, fashionable enthusiast, Santa fan, you name it. It cuts across every sphere of trade and industry. Allowed me as a young vibrant software engineer with a message to millions to showcase my work without borders with the world wide web as a high speed platform.
Name: Master-one-page-html-5-portfolio-template
Author’s name:qodepixel


This kind of blows for those who have not anybody ordering or any family alive to celebrate Christmas with, and then it also kicks out those who may not believe in Christmas for one reason or another and it may seem that the company as a whole has become somewhat religious-based to one religion and that is all you are accepting, or… you are discriminating against those who haven’t purchased before any Christmas theme stuff to do so now for next year’s contest. So which is it? Religious reasons? discrimination reasons? or marketing ploy?

Please do not misunderstand, and I am not looking for sympathy either, just explaining something… I’ve been a member for 4 years and All family members, including offspring, are all deceased, besides my parents and their siblings, I am the oldest, my siblings were all younger as young as 20 yrs my junior. I am all there is. So celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween isn’t holiday’s that are feasible for me. Thus the reason I do not do anything or produce anything for those specific holidays. Which sucks because it knocks people like me out of a contest that sure would be cool to try and win!

Anyways, best regards and good luck to you all!


Hi @rbroganis, thanks for writing and for the feedback!

This event is simply based on a type of popular content that typically sells well this time of year during the holiday season. Exposing content is not only a good way to help authors sell those kind of items but also help customers find content that they may be looking for. From time to time we will experiment with events based on different themes, different marketplaces, and different content types. This one just happens to be based on Christmas and the holiday season. We’re also running a similar event based on any content from AudioJungle right now for example, and we have run an all-encompassing testimonial event previously also.

If there’s a specific holiday and/or content type that you feel would be worth promoting for authors/customers that has value, please feel free to let us know via a support ticket so it can be passed along to the right department for future consideration. Thanks for understanding and for the feedback! :slight_smile:


That’s understood, however, it isn’t one winner $500.00 credit… it is
10 winners split $500 credit which is $50.00 equivalent… most projects
will eat that up in one purchase. Get my jist?


@rbroganis Just an experiment with prizes, we try to mix it up. :thumbsup:


###Our deadline is now over! Many thanks to everyone who entered!

We’ll declare the winner on Friday this week (US time). In the meantime, we’ll lock this thread. Come back at the end of the week to see who won! Good to luck!




###Many congratulations to our $500 grand prize winner…


###Well done, Karen!

You win $500 to spend on Envato Market and you’ve unlocked the “Won a Competition” community badge! We’ll be in touch with you soon regarding your prize and please allow upto 2 weeks to receive your Envato Market credit.

Thank you so much to those that entered, hope everyone has a great holiday season!

Happy holidays! :santa: :christmas_tree: :snowman2:


Soooo excited, thank you! :smiley: :grimacing:


Cool !!! Congrats @KarenFerreiraArtist !!!