Elite Author Achieved

Hi everyone! I achieved Elite author badge.
My music was never in the top sales of the week and I did not have the featured item, but despite that, I am now an elite author! And it’s great!
Many thanks to Envano team, for the opportunity to monetize my creative ideas. For the opportunity to develop new skills and learn something new.
I would like to say more to the authors who are just beginning or who might be upset by their results. Move forward, learn something new, apply the knowledge you have gained and constantly work on yourself, try to do something interesting, something that can inspire someone, then you will succeed. It’s a true story!
I have always dreamed of doing things I loved, while not getting attached to one place for living. Now my dream has come true. I can travel the world and at the same time record and make my music.

Big thanks to the Envato community!


Wish you to continue your growth :facepunch:t2:

And of course more sales and more happy clients))

Thank you!:wink:

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Yo gave audiojungle.net new tastes and flavours. It’s a totally deserved result and badge. Congratulations!



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Great music you’ve got there. And surely that brings you kind of short time to achieve the elite author! Congratulations!! :smiley:

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Well done!

Great result, congrats!!!

Congratulations!!! :trophy:


Well done mate! You made it so fast, only two years! Realy awesome job!

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

@MusicLFiles @CleanMagicAudio @artsygoat @stardiva @Turpak @RobertSlump @Rinkevich @FASSounds @Eliho

Thank you so much! :pray:

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@Octopusic Thank you, mate! I did not even think about it! :wink:

Congratulations @KickTracks, I agree on everything you wrote!!!
All the best

Congratulations KickTracks! Well deserved. I enjoy seeing authors reach success here with a new style that is unique and refreshing. Very encouraging statements too!

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You Cool !!!
Congrats )))))):trophy:

Congratulations! well done! :clap:

Congratulations !