WP theme declined - can anyone help to understand what is wrong?!

Hello to everyone
I have received email with the following content: “I am sorry to inform you that our Quality Team respectfully declines your submission. I would recommend that you continue to create wonderful items and feel free to take advantage of the forums, to learn more from the talented people in our community. I hope it will be of some help to you.”
As far as I understood this is a Hard Reject. I would really appreciate if somebody comment on what is wrong (is it design, problems with certain elements or something else?)
Here is the link to the theme: http://law.besid.pro/


I like it.

Some aspects look a little dated (like the gradient on the front page) and there are quite a few problems with the spacing you have used and some of the typography.

It could use some tweaking and polishing - Then you will have a truly fantastic theme.

Good Luck

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Thank you for your answer. Is it a common thing that the WP theme is Hard Rejected due to the reasons that you have mentioned? As far as I understood I have to completely redo this WP theme?

Hi there:

Bad colors, logo change color is white with background black, spacing, you need change background color is gray light but no too dark, ugly footer (sorry for I say you it), you need more works pages etc you need practice more for approved sell themeforest.


Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it.
I would also appreciate if other people from the community will provide their advice.
Thank you

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