My WP Theme is Hard Rejected. I need help!

Hello All,
I submitted a WP theme and got hard rejected. Please review the following link and help me find the problems.

In addition,
I already have found that using WordPress in URL is against the WP policies. So, this is a detected problem and I’ll resolve it before resubmitting.
I’m looking for other ones.

You all know how much your help’s needed and appreciated!

1- Try to add some real content instead of Lorem Ipsum and make some unique concept.
2- Minor bugs in responsiveness of menu.
3- Change Drop Down menu background color, that makes text more readable.
4- Combination of Violet and Black or White not good.
5- Work hard on Typography (Letter Spacing, Font Weight, Font Family, Line Height)
6- You should add WordPress basic features, like author box, Search Result Page etc.
7- Validate your HTML code.
8- You should read more about HTML in WordPress Submission Requirements.

Good Luck

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Thank you Mahdi!

Pleased to see you here and appreciation for your favor.
I’m on it!

Please don’t forget about even more feedbacks if any.


you theme’s design looks too old

Thanks for your feedback leafcolor but I’ve no idea how can I figure it out since if I’d wanna work it out I’d have to redesign the whole product.
Do you have any suggestion to solve this matter without redesigning the whole work?

loves the layout mr @Vaieveh

You need a complete design overhaul my friend. Good luck.