WP Plugin taking too much time to approve

Hey Guys

I’ve submitted my wp plugin for approval and time on envato approval time frame is 9-working days, and almost 12-days gone and still showing Queued for Review.

How can i have an update over the submission from team, because my previous products never took that much time like this one.

Please advice.



I think this is best solution for you.

Envato Market Author Help Center: Here


Thanks Mate. Request Submitted.

I would update with what they reply, so can help other guys with similar issue.


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Hi @Rakesh07

I don’t think you need to contact support. We should to go with the default Review Time frame.
As we know Envato is doing best and the new Submit Item is increasing day by day. So for a big amount of quee time can take some more. In this case we should keep patience. Please wait and hope you will get email soon for your Item review result.

In my personal experience I got review result and approved without any soft reject after 13 days when Review time was then 8/9 days. So, please keep patience.


yep sure thanks for your words !!

For clarity - support won’t be able to advise on this.

The expected time is purely a guideline based on previous reviews and is in no way a guarantee.

Unfortunately, envato get thousands of items for review a month so this will always fluctuate up and down depending on numerous factors beyond envato’s control

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