Item Update Review Delays

Hello Envato Team and Authors,

Hope every one is fine and doing good for their business.

May I know why Envato take more than expected time for the item update review. As per mentioned on Envato own site, (Envato Marketplace Review Times) the update approval should be replied in 1 day.

It’s been a week, I have uploaded the update for approval, but still haven’t received any response.

Am I the only one who is facing this thing, or you too? We are already suffering from low sales and revenue as well, so these delays are a big question here.

Please advise.

Hello @Chimpstudio

The times mentioned in the link you’ve sent are indicative only. The review period may vary depending on the amount of submitted items. The review team is working as hard as possible to reduce the waiting time. They’ll get to your item as soon as they can :blush: