Review Time for Wordpress Plugins and PHP Scripts. What the ...!

Whats going on with codecanyons review time? It’s ridiculous! As of today - 30/11/2018 the review time for Wordpress plugins and PHP Scipts is 11 days! (check here: Really?! I remember when it was around 3 days. I dont know how other authors feel but I think this is not good. From a business point of view it makes nosense to wait this long as you loose money waiting to be accepted and if your item is rejected…well…thats just cruel! Dont get me wrong I love codecanyon and the opportunity it brings to earn good money but come on, look after your authors, speed up the review time, bring it back to 3 days at least.

What do you think?

Rant over.


As we know Envato is doing best and the new Submit Item is increasing day by day. So for a big amount of quee time can take some more. In this case we should keep patient. Please wait and hope you will get email soon for your Item review result. We can requesting to Envato to think about the review Time.


Actually the review time for Wordpress Plugins and Php scripts are of 12 Days… But due to large number of Submissions it might take some more days.
Even i have submitted an Php scripts to make games like Run 3 unblocked Games and it took me 18 days. So it will approve if everything is good. Good Luck.

I’m waiting too and don’t worry about it, be patience. In most cases we should think about product quality )))