9 Days and still in review? Did i choose a bad timing?

Hi community,
My item is still in review in codecanyon. Since 9 days.
Where are the review guys located? In Australia or in different countries. (to calculate the time for me)
I uploaded my item last Friday night. Are they working on weekends? (i dont think).
The review times in http://quality.market.envato.com/codecanyon say 7 days for wordpress plugins.
7 working days?
I have no paience :slight_smile:

It should be soon.

weekends + summer + (maybe vacations time)


It seam everything is slow this days om envato.

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My last item upload was 2 years ago. And it was approved in 3 days.
I have no experience for the current state.
Envato becomes more popular from day to day and i can imagine that the guys are overloaded.

It is approved.