CodeCanyon Update Review Time

Hey There,

CodeCanyon Update Review time is 1 day but my WordPress plugin in the queue for 4 days and I still waiting.

It’s okay for me but The current version has a critical bug and my customers are angry, they do not want wait anymore.

@philo01 @siddharth Please help? :cry:

I’m sorry about that. I’ve been a little sick so not able to action items as quick as I’d hope. I should get to it soon! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Siddharth, first of all, thank you for the review on my work.
I wanted to ask you a question.
I made an update to the script i’ve uploaded previously.
For setting my latest update script, should i go to EDIT, and then should i need to upload the new zip file?
Will this be for review too, or it will replace the previous zip file?

Best regards.

Hello @EZCode,
you need to upload the updated files in order for your item to update to a newer version. You will also need to wait at least 48 hours for your update to be reviewed. Check the estimated review time here:
Review Time


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Thanks @WaterproofThemes :slight_smile:

Envato Should reduced the review time for wordpress plugins which is 12 days, its too much time for review as there is not rush like wordpress themes?