9 days already gone but still my new uploaded plugin is in review. Is it normal?



Hello Team

I have uploaded my new plugin before 9 days ago but still I did not receive any notification regarding it and it shows me it is in queue for review. So is it normal? Because normally it takes 5 to 7 days. So can anybody tell approx how much time it will take?



http://quality.market.envato.com/codecanyon says 11 days for new items



Thanks for your prompt reply.
So as per your link suggested. I believe minimum 11 days is normal turnaround time for new WordPress plugin review right ?


It is impossible to say for sure - those timings are a suggested guideline however there are numerous variable that can impact this.

If it ways 9 days for WP plugins then I owuld give it until the beginning of next week (weekends tend not to count towards these numbers).



Thanks for your reply. I think my confusion is removed. Because there might be possible due to weekends. It can increase two or three days. Hope my new item get review ASAP.

Have a nice day