Uploaded a simple WordPress theme & waiting for review?

We uploaded a simple WordPress theme and waiting for 12 days. I constantly checking http://quality.market.envato.com/themeforest, At the time i uploaded the theme, Average turnaround for WordPress for new item was 4 days and now its 8 days. But still we are waiting for 12 days.

Any Moderates please check and let me know our theme still in queue (and if possible give me approximate length on queue).

I also uploaded a new WordPress Theme at 10 days ago and still in queue. And my resubmitted item need 4 days to get feedback. But the Reviewer never read my comments to explain the issues. Very disappointed!

12 days without weekends would be 8 business days. That means you should be right at the top of the queue! Be patient and I’m sure you’ll get an email today or tomorrow.

I hope so :slight_smile: Thanks you!

Queued for Review
Submitted 12 days ago

Put me on the list :slightly_smiling: