Would you reject them?

Hi there, I just expect some kind of reply containing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and , maybe, 3-4 reasons based on any of your choise. Thanks a lot !

Yes with eyes closed

These are logos, items, graphics? I kinda would reject them because they look like they’re not polished and made pixel perfect.

Yes, too amateurish, typography is bad.

Can anyone tell me why this logo got reject ?

Maybe because the shadow is optional so you could better delete it from the concept,
Also, you can get a better font for the tagline and refine the ‘B’ shape.
Hope it helps, good luck in redesigning :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions ImperialWolf. But this logo is hard reject they said i will not be able to resubmit it again. Should i resubmit it after doing changes ?

In case of hard rejection yes, major changes :slight_smile: anyway, in order to not waste precious time you could better think and innovate another concept, as this one will remain in your Hidden Items archive as in future you’ll be surely able to redesign it .

Ok, Thanks for replying back and suggestions. :slight_smile:

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