would someone have an idea?

i dont no why my page its not responsive…


as far I have cheked I can see your site is responsive and working fine.


i mean I can’t see the video background on any mobile device…thanks

Hi @mta3community

Please add this css into your theme css (betheme/css/layout.css) and hope will work for you:

@media screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
   .section.mcb-section.has-video img.mfn-parallax {
      display: none !important;
   .section.mcb-section.has-video .section_video {
      display: block !important;


its works!!! thanks the video dont work fully only its visible part of them but workss thans, maybe more small wold fix

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apparently on iphone it doesn’t work, on safari

yes, you are right on iphone the video not working. May be video format issues or any settings issues. You can contact the item author to know and get their help.

How to contact an author:


the support autor them told me put aswell ogv video for ios and doesnt works… the author solutions is that use slider revolution…
i had to buy the nothing “cheap” betheme twice to realize that you might have to look for another one to the next time…thanks for all