Avada - Videos Not Rendering Responsively

Hi folks,

I’m using Avada, and set up a test site with my issue so you can see what is going on: http://wptesting.info

The problem is that a video placed in a full width container doesn’t shrink down on mobile tests. I stuck two different sized videos in that container so you could see that either one is too wide for mobile.

Here’s a shot of how it looks live on a mobile tester: http://mobiletest.me/iphone_5_emulator/?u=http://wptesting.info/

Any ideas? I’m not sure if it is fixable, but the concept is to have text + video just like you see it, on some type of a picture background. This is only an example, but I’m kind of surprised that the video doesn’t automatically get sized appropriately.


You’d have better success in getting support by contacting the actual theme author.

Inside their documentation, as well theme details here on Themeforest, it also links the support forums.