Why is my website not responsive?

I have received several comments regarding my website not being responsive when looked at on different devices. The size is not altering for mobile, tab, and larger laptop screens than the 13" I am using to build it on. Is there something I am supposed to have done to make my site responsive? I assumed it was built into the coding of the site, but people are complaining that it looks a mess. Please help!

Oh and my website is http://curiotrips.com/ (I keep forgetting to mention that)

Are the people complaining those who have previously seen your site before you added the theme?

It looks spot on on my ipad, iphone and laptop so could it be a cache issue they have?

The theme may have the option to turn responsiveness on/off but as mentioned it looks/works fine on all devices we can see.

Did you modify the CSS at all?

You do have some issues on mobile with about/contact/process and short-code details showing up (mobile only)

You appear to have a number of plugins not in the main demo of the theme which are very likely to be the cause of any issues you are having. Turn them off and see if it works better

Thanks for your fast response.

This is a new site so no-one would have accessed it before I added the Specular theme.

I have to admit I do not know about the CSS. I have played around with font, layout etc. but all in the dashboard, no coding.

If I turn the plug-ins off, won’t that affect the content on those pages?

Am I right that you added plugins that didn’t come as part of the theme? If so which?

If you didn’t edit the code then the css should be fine.

Did they tell you what’s actually wrong with the site on different views? Have you got screenshots? What constitutes ‘a mess’?

If you turn off 3rd party plugins i.e those not with the theme then yes it might mess things up a bit but if there are issues (again it looks fine to me apart from those shortcode details) and you have not messed with the code then it is almost certainly either a cache issue for users (tell them to clear it and try again) and/or external plugins and the only way to test this is to turn them off.

Plugs-ins I have added are google maps, ultimate social media icons, Huge IT slider, Instagram feed and circles gallery.

Here are a couple of screenshots - https://www.dropbox.com/s/jufj8annx9xw1dz/Screen%20Shot%202015-10-27%20at%205.57.13%20PM.png?dl=0

Ironically both of those issues do not look plug-in related, as it is the ‘title heading’ feature on Specular for both.

What happens when my site is “public to the world” and people have not cleared their cache before visiting it? Will it always look like this until they clear their cache?

The plugin can impact any element irrelevant of it being part of the theme or otherwise.

If it’s a new site then the cache should not be the issue (just ticking off options)

That’s a lot of plugins so i’d still start there - is there a reason for using 3rd party plugins for sliders, maps, icons? Are there not options for those in the theme?

Is the only issue those headings next to buttons? Or are there other issues too? It could be that for headings there is a restricted space for content.

If you turn off temporarily the plugins then that will not impact that section with text/button so you can at least see if it fixes it.

This all said the best option is to ask the author especially as without seeing everything you have done to build the site I can’t guarantee what will happen as you test stuff

By the way:

Looks fine - don’t take this the wrong way but your screen is not zoomed is it? Try pressing CTRL 0 (pc) or CMD 0 (mac)

The only way we can replicate your issue is if we zoom our browser in

I see re: plugins. It looks like I will have to test each of them and see if that clears up the issues.

I had no idea that was a lot of plugins. I found I had to add them because the Specular theme I purchased is so limited in what it offers me design wise (or I do not know how to use it properly). For example I could not make images circular, the social media widget did not work, maps did not work etc.

Key issues have been headings, photos not fitting in one line at the bottom of the page, and the call to action button overlapping.

I have tried getting in touch with the author directly, but I find them really unresponsive. I switched from wordpress.com to .org knowing I had a lot of learning and work to do, but I’m not sure I picked the best theme.

All those key issues are the same for everyone or just you? They all only happen on our screen when we zoom the browser. Did you try making sure the browser is not zoomed in?

It seems unlikely that a theme with the rating that one does would have icons and maps that do not work. Images curricular maybe not but it owuld be better done with CSS. It looks pretty solid generally and the author response time is very fast in comments at least.

Turning plugins off should not cause issues and you should just be able to switch them back on after BUT I am not familiar with a few of them so can make zero guarantee of what will happen

All of those were my reasons for purchasing it so I was pretty surprised when I started trying to use it.

Issues are for some people I have looking at the site, not others. On my laptop it looks great, on my phone some aspects do not (the screenshot I sent). Maybe they have their browser zoomed in, who knows.

I am definitely playing in a coding field that I do not know, and perhaps should not be, so maybe I have done something along the way to cause it all.

Thanks for your help though.