What to do if a theme support not giving solution?

I purchased this wp theme and their theme is not what I expected.
There are so many areas on their theme thats left unresponsive and looks so horrible on mobile.

Everytime I ask theme to help me make their banner / slider / header responsive, they just tell me its custom and they dont assist. The fact that they posted that its full responsive, it should be in all areas right?

They have been avoiding a solution for all my tickets.

If this is just a simple work concerning responsive, you can mail us, and maybe we ae able to help you.

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Hi EZcode,

Should it be being responsive shows 100% width of a banner or slider to the user?
The theme gets a part of the image to be displayed and the rest are just hidden, thats their idea of responsiveness. Is this okay? I want to understand it before I proceed.

site issue: https://www.wordpresstechs.us/avenir/project/avenir-project/

We can get help coding it, but i think its not right for customers to do manual coding where it should be responsive already as promised from their deck.

Relative to the slider, this is a way that the slider plugin works as he is trying to adjust the image to the screen, and it doesn’t let you to have the full image for ascreen, at least for some portrait mobile views, while it works fine for landscape views.
For this to be fixed it would be needed to set the fixes under your slider plugin area, or maybe under your css and set the rules of css to be applied to every screens with media queries.
But if you still have the right to have support, I think author should be able to help you fixing those issues.

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Hi rameesareno,

Normally Envato didn’t approved any responsive less theme! if it’s happen unexpectedly. If your WP Theme customer support available you have to knock that author & ask for support. If they reject you then you can make a refund request.

Here is Envato refund request https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy


I have the same problem, Barcelona Theme is not 100% responsive on mobiles, and the author doesn´t help me !
doesnt show top Ad banner on mobile
I feel cheated !!!

Is your support expired ?

yes of course, but i think this is a bug, because i buy and payed for a 100% responsive theme
so i don´t need to pay for it

i think they are responsible for bug if they don’t fix it then get in touch with envato support team hope they can help.

As this is how the demo of the theme works I am not sure they are required to resolve it