worse Customer Service

I been using envato for for few year

but my experience is getting worse and worse.

I bought 7-8 items in my account.

Recently i made mistake to buy theme and theme which never worked so i contacted the author absolutely no support from the author

we were opening pizza store and I can not just wait month for your author to get back to me.
After 4 weeks I ask him to issue refund nothing happened. I send email to envato nothing happen.
just like now i was trying to communicate to guy named Andie from customer service

he did not even ask me anything just demanding my account is locked and they are going to unlock it unless i pay 61usd

so you guys just holding my product as hostage.

As i am willing to buy better version of the software for pizza worth 199.00

so what is the problem.

I bought menu template for my business and now because you locked my account i was not able to used those account either.

is this is the way you should do business.

Honestly in canada customer service comes first. I called today your head office number 14 times no answer
so you guys do not answer email do not return phone call
what is we are going to do

I love to hear from the senior manager of Envato.

What is ethical about holding my downloads and purchases.
if you do not want my business refund my purchases

or unlock my account Please


To avoid further frustration for you - please bear in mind that unfortunately the forums are not the place to reach Envato staff and that it is unlikely that people here will be able to help resolve your situation.

It sounds like pehaps you had disputed the payment or tried to refund via the payment provider? If that is the case then yes your account would be locked until the situation was resolved to protect everyone involved as per T&Cs and delays can actually be beyond envato’s control.

To prevent the risk of confusion, the best route is to continue discussion with support who are the right people to help. Don’t open more tickets if possible as this may delay things.


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Thanks Charlie,

I am trying to reach out to them by phone /email/support form

with no answer???

I got your point why envato does not provide phone or live chat so issue can be resolve in 1 day it is taking for ever when you receive 1 email and day and you try to run business.
Anyway thanks for your advice

honestly do you have phone no or email i can call from canada

I get it’s frustrating but I don’t work for Envato so cannot do much more than try to manage expectation and really don’t want to risk suggesting things without all the info.

Out of interest did you challenge the payment with your provider or try and refund through them as well as/not Envato?

If so then that might explain somethings but again it’s really a conversation that support or official staff need to help you with.

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