Working with images on profile and item pages

I tried to update my profile page design and found out that Envato has a new way of handling third party images.

It seems that links to external images are now replaced with links to images hosted by Envato.


This is the image that I entered on my profile page
<img src="">

This is the image actually showing
<img src="">

Is there an article on how to work with this? I can’t find anything on the forums and upload instructions…

I understand that this was done for better Google SEO. But I need some further explanations.

  1. Is this a way of redirection,
  2. or is Envato now actually copying and hosting all the images by themselves?

In case 1 - if I change a picture on my server with a newer one, the old version of the image remains on profile/item page. What do I need to do so the latest version would be showing? (Please don’t say I have to change file names every time I update images)

In case 2 - is there a way to manage images? Even simple ftp access would be fine.

Any info/advice anyone? Thanks!

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Can I hope for some attention from Envato staff on this matter? @KingDog :smiley:

I really need to know more about this to avoid doing things twice on so many items…

I thought there were many of us having questions about this? :slight_smile: Thanx.


Not sure if this is the cause or not - Rollout of HTTPS proxy for author hosted imagery

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Great, this is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you.

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