Profile Design and Performance.

Hi Folks. Mike is here. I have one question.

I did some design for my profile page with animated banners.
I tested it in Google Chrome with Network throttling and It seems like it works well.
My Profile [ ]

But sometimes some of the Images does not load. Wtf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:?
Is it Envato servers problem or Google Servers problem ?
I store my images on Google Drive.

I’m looking at your profile right now and it seems fine at my end. On the top there is an animated image of your logo, below that there is a bunch of banners with links to your items, then there are social media icons, and finally there is the “don’t forget to rate” GIF.

Thanks for your reply.
The thing is that it happens from time to time. I saw that stuff on other people pages here on Envato and I thought that they forgot to update their links. But now I see that problem is not broken links. It’s something different.
It’s not a big problem actually just looks weird a bit ) with these partly loaded images.
Maybe it’s temporarily connection problem or Google Servers response problem I don’t know.
Just want to make my profile looks good all the time : )

Thanks again!