Profile Design - HTML Code Issues

Hi fellow Envato members :blush:

I have a problem with using HTML code and need some advice on it

I have recently noticed an issue with HTML code for graphics when customising my profile. While before, it was all working fine and all the graphics pasted were working as they supposed to work, now it doesn’t work at all. In the places where the pictures should appear i can only see a small blue square with question mark inside.

I checked various places to host the files, google drive, dropbox, random google found pics and no results. Before i hosted all on dropbox and it was working.

I noticed a change in the guidelines for the HTML code to be used. Before the code to be used was: <img src="**pasted link**"> now i can only see: <img> which looks incorrect as all other HTML codes have the beginning part of code - the content - and then ending part of code. When I use the new code (which is already unclear, no idea whether i should use it before and after the link or just at the beginning) it doesn’t work at all, i can only see the active link (displayed in blue)

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for all responses in advance :slight_smile:

Your profile currently has this code:

<img src="">
<img src="">
  • The code is correct. This is proper HTML.
  • The URLs are not valid images in this case.
    • The first one doesn’t load at all, it’s almost as if Dropbox is blocking it.
    • The second one doesn’t exist, 404 not found.

Find an alternative host and/or make sure the links are working, valid images. Then it will work. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I will try some another file hosting website, but anyway, I also tried google drive, and couple of random pictures found in google. All with the same result


Just an update.

Looks like I solved it but i needed to use different code like this :

< img src =“picture link”>< /a> (without the spaces inside)

So look like the < /a> solved the problem, but the guide doesn’t mention anything about this part of code

Thank you for your response anyway :slight_smile:


You only need an </a> if you put an <a> somewhere before it. Nonetheless, this would not make the image fail to load.

For example, this works fine:


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Well I’m not even an amateur in the topic of code, It just works, without it it displays the error, no idea why :slight_smile:

Hi There! Who can help? How to move a picture-link?

In HTML does not understand anything.