Profile update issues

Hello all,

This month I reached my 100th sale. Woohoo! :star_struck: So I thought it was a good time to reconsider my profile’s graphic design.

One of the greatest tasks (for me as a non graphic designer) is to enhance my profile with pictures/inks and make it more attractive and intuitive to customers.
I’ve made new graphics to make my profile less childish and clear, and I’ve noticed that I was seeing a lot of letters in the new graphic design. I’ve changed this and uploaded new graphics to my personal host, but somehow 2 banners won’t change on the AJ profile. The rest has changed.

If I copy the link from the “settings” tab under “profile” the new image shows up properly. But on the profile it will remain the old one. Obviously I’ve cleared my cache, tried a different browser, tried my phone, but nothing helps.
Is Envato keeping cached profile design up from time to time, or am I doing something wrong here?

My profile:
New banner graphic:

Thanks for your help in advance!

I checked on my phone, laptop and desktop computer, your profile is updated correctly with new graphics.

Wow, that’s fast! Thanks for your check!
Weird it won’t refresh on my browsers…

The banners are quite similar, but slightly different. The bottom letters are slightly smaller and the reflection under the stars are gone. The black background has a slight color to it. The previous one had some sort of picture blended in the black.
So, it’s in the details. Would you be so kind to check for those details again? :slight_smile:

You need to upload those 2 again, I recommend to change file name. Then change file name in HTML code. It will work. Envato is capturing images, to update them you need to change file name.

Awesome! That did the trick!
Thank you @ShymonMusic

Oh, if anyone has any tips regarding the design and profile layout, I’d very much appreciate any input!

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Thanks for that tip! Wasn’t aware of that button (kinda new to the forum). Cheers