My profile settings only have the avatar picture

Hey everybody! I have made my profile on Envato yesterday, and became and author. But I noticed that the only thing I can do on my description is to put an avatar image. I don’t know if it’s normal or not in the beginning, but I’d like to have the welcome banner option and the description text field to use… Someone can help me?
Thanks so much!

Hey! Upload at least 1 item and you will see the rest of the settings.

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Thank you @OvertSounds! Actually, I uploaded three itens yesterday… but I think I’ll have to wait the approbation.

You’re welcome. Yes, you’ll have to wait. You’re going to be interested in these links:
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Thanks so much! This information helps me a lot :), I didn’t know how to find it… I’m starting on Audiojungle and it’s great to be more informed about the rules and common practices.

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No problem! and good luck with your items :slight_smile:

For a second I thought I read “YOUR-EX” :smiley: It would be a cool username though

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kkkkk Yes… It would take the customers attention easily :joy:

Thank you, I wish the same for you! :slight_smile: