homepage image missing

Hi to all ! Just starting to create my profile together with the homepage image which I completed and saved, all good initially, however when I came back to view my hompage image after about a months absence I noticed it was no longer there and no way to upload again via the settings or profile tab. Can anyone give me a clue what to do next or had a similar problem.

Have you got any items approved yet? I ask because it now seems to be the case that you cannot set up a full profile with images etc. until you have an approved track for sale.

HI Paul ! Thank you so much for your reply it’s really appreciated. I haven’t as yet got any items approved. I’d only wish Envato could have let me know prior to removal of my homepage.
Your information has settle my mind. Once again thank you for responding to my question.
kind regards
PS: Just out of curiosity how did you find this information out ??
Cheers !

Hi and glad to help.

The position with new profiles came to light thorough people posting questions about issues they were experiencing rather than any official announcement I’m aware of.

In fact the best way to keep abreast of issues like this - officially announced or otherwise - is to keep an eye on the forums.