Help needed - Issues with profile picture display

Hey there,

I’m a bit confused on what to do honestly. I tried getting help from “Envato Author Help” several times but it seems like they don’t get my replies to the initial ticket email which is frustrating as hell.

So here’s the issue…

We host a lot of our promo-pictures over google pictures.

For example this one here:

Now the URL, as you can see is quite long so we short it afterwards with [] (

We had no issues with the display of our pictures before doing it this way.

For over a good month however, the pictures are being displayed as “broken” - “Error Fetching Resource”.

and I just don’t know why excactly.

Any help/solutions/suggestions would be appreciated!

Kind regards,

Hi @Symphony-of-Specters !
Try using “SlickPic”. There usually never have these problems.
Good luck!

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Hi @Symphony-of-Specters,

There appears to be something wrong with the source image; is returning an HTTP 403 (Forbidden) error when I try to fetch it.

This doesn’t have anything to do with, nor with Envato – the Google link doesn’t work. Please check there to get the issue sorted.

$ curl -I ""
HTTP/2 403