Where do you host your images and gifs for item descriptions?

Hey Guys,

The title says it all… Where do you host your images/ page graphics and gifs for item descriptions?

Was wondering if there are any fast image hosting services that you prefer and that allow such use for there services.

It would be great if we can compile a list of services to help new Authors :slight_smile:


It doesn’t really matter. I’m using flickr (just like you from what I noticed), but any similar service will do. It’s important to make sure that images are compressed well, to preserve quality while lowering file size, and consequently lowering page-load time as well.

It does not matter because the Envato will “take this images” and put on their own fast host.

Full absurd. Envato doesn’t «take this images». You write false information


Then how we can use gif or preview images in our HTML description @romlam
can you please tell me?

Place your images wherever you want. Then paste the links of uploaded images in the description using HTML codes

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i’m new for envato… can you please tell one of the website?

flickr, imgur, etc…
I use google photo

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Thank you so much @romlam
:+1:Very helpfull

And how you explain this link?


It is image from my item page here - https://themeforest.net/item/anotte-horizontal-photography-wordpress-theme/22228351

So, when I have added that image in my item description, it was link from my site cocobasic (and still is when I edit the item) but on item page is a link from envatousercontent.

*UPDATE - maybe it have something with “https” because my image is on “http” and probably Envato “takes” only this ones - without secure connection

I do not know where you uploaded your images, but check out the images of users from this topic, and you will see you was wrong

I told you that I have uploaded on my host and the Envato has “take it” on his own (as you see on link above). So, in my case I was not wrong.

But yes, I see your images are linked from google and obvious they are not “taken” in your case, so it is not same for all and probably it has to do with secure connection “https”.

Anyway, have a nice weekend!

Few years ago I used dropbox, but now this feature don’t work with new images.
Now I use Creative Cloud. First share, and then copy image address.

I don’t like services for sharing pictures. First they looked fine, but few years later all images have been broken. Happens to me several times.
Of course, best way to share images is to use your own web site. Or use cloud services for files (google drive and dropbox don’t work).

Yes. I understand. I say the same. I just say that you where wrong when you wrote to @NeuronFX or @framestore that their images will be reuploading to Envato host. @framestore use flikr & @NeuronFX use something else. Their images will not be reuploading to Envato host.
Have a nice weekend too, mate !

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Take a look at this topic to understand why your description images are hosted by Envato: Image Optimization on Market

I hope someday this feature gets implemented market-wide. It’s a nice step towards improving SEO for our marketplace.

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easy answer: if you want envato to host the image, use an http link. If you don’t want envato to store the image, use an https link. Of course this only works when there is https available for the link.


Thank you. Yes, that makes sense.

That’s quite interesting, didn’t know that envato host images themselves. Do you think this can help for a faster page? Also, do you know of any services that still use http, nowadays it seems like most image hosting services have switched to https.

The creative cloud option seems quite good, as one can keep everything organised using a folder per template, etc. This is https though right? So it won’t allow Envato to copy them to their servers. Would be great if we can use something like this and still store them at Envato, just incase Adobe stops the service. I hate it to have all my item images dependent on a service that can be removed.

as I said, it is simple: write the link with http instead of https and envato hosts it. At least it works with the images I tested.

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