I am new. Please let me know, how to put an image on 'HTML Description'?

Hi. I am a musician & I don’t have any idea about HTML Coding. I get to know about ‘Envatitor’. But I don’t know how it works in ‘HTML Description’.
I wanna put image on my track description.
Can anyone please tell, where I can keep(host) my image for ‘HTML Description’. I don’t have a website. Will ‘Google drive’ or ‘Imgur’ work in this case?
And any details or tips about ‘HTML’ will help.
Thank You.

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Hello and welcome! Here’s a useful tool for making item’s description. You can store your pictures at any free picture hosting.


Thanks for your useful reply. :grinning:

Is that what most authors here are doing? Use free image hosters? I just hosted an animated gif from my own website and got a notification basically saying that I am “diverging sales to my own site” - which is of course utter hornshart, since it’s just an animated gif. Boy, how I love it when growing companies are starting to use bots instead of real humans to check for the circumstances. What are the folks doing over at Templateforest? There is always dozens of images in their item descriptions. It must be a nightmare uploading them to various external hosters and then keeping track to make sure the image is not taken down because of inactivity.

Hello @dreikelvin

Linking to competing sites and brands is governed by a fair use policy. We ask authors not to promote alternative ways to purchase the same or similar items available on Envato Market through other websites and services.

This policy extends to links from live previews of items and support forums, which should also not promote an alternative site or service. If you are a non-exclusive author, this may necessitate a separate live preview intended specifically for Envato Market.

More here:

All the best!

I know all of that. You guys could check the individual situation better. All I am doing is encouraging buyers to leave a review via this gif: http://www.dreikelvin.nl/external/rate-this-item.gif

There are in no way references to “competing” marketplaces or offers.

It would be great to have a good HTML editor that supports minor image hosting. How would that be for a feature request?

Regarding the link in your items, you can always contact Envato Support directly, for more details, they will help :wink:
Envato Help & Support Center

And for features and improvements of Envato websites, also, please open a ticket here:
choosing these fields shown in this screenshot:

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