Working as a team in separated envato account

I’m a graphicriver author. Having a graphicriver account and I’m going to design a PSD template (Web) and few other members are going to convert it into Wordpress and upload via a separate Envato account. is this possible ? Can anyone guide me please ?

not few other authors but one other author can do it and envato has a rule for doing this. It is called Author Collaboration.

Requesting collaborations

Envato have a new, dedicated form to use when requesting your collaborations which provides us with all the information we need to record your collaboration and get you on your way faster. After you have submitted your request to Envato, you and your collaborator will receive a confirmation email with a ticket number.

Once you receive confirmation you can submit your item for review, quoting the ticket number in notes to the reviewer.

More info here:

Check this Author Collaboration article:


that’s cool I didn’t even realize it was possible to collaborate with authors…