WordPress Author Agreement

Hi, every one i want to know what is the best way to make WordPress partnership secure actually i have develop one WordPress theme along with partnership of an other author and also submit and approve theme on his account so now i want to know how to make this partnership secure so in future if there is any issue then i can claim that partnership hopeful to get some good suggestion from you guys …


Your partner needs to submit your partnership agreement to envato - they will collaborate your accounts.

Assuming that you/your partner have done the above already. You can Contact Support to collaborate your accounts.


yes but we have already submit and approved theme and its on themeforest from last two years so now what will be the solution so submit ticket along with theme next update

Assuming that you/your partner had collaborated your accounts when submitted the Item. You can Contact Support to know more about it.
If you would like better to make another partnership agreement locally (backup).

can you please give more details about partnership agreement locally (backup). how to do it

Oh! it is totally depends on you and there is no fixed rule as like you are doing partnership business in your city what agreement you would like to do. It was just a suggestion.

Really? I wasn’t aware that they will get involved? Have you got more info on that?

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Sorry! may be I was wrong about unique id of your partnership agreement. best way to get support from Envato Author Support.

There are ticket IDs that an author gets if they let support know that they plan to collaborate with another author to convert their item, but as far as I am aware the relationship between authors is outside of envato’s remit or influence, hence info in link above