Wordpress VS Joomla (License Question)

Hi, guys! I have a question and can’t find an answer. Can I sell a Wordpress template on Themeforest (an exclusive account) and sell a Joomla template (with the same design of pages) on another market? Does somebody know that?

Yes, you can

@ki-themes thanks for the answer! Do you know some examples? Or, maybe, is official info somewhere?

So the answer to the question is it depends! The principle we apply is that if the second item is sufficiently different to the first one, to the point where we’d accept it as a unique item on Envato Market, then that second item can be sold (or given away) elsewhere. (Of course, we’d prefer that you sell it through Envato Market instead!).

Yep, I saw that it is about ‘lite’ versions and minor variations to items. But my question about two different products - Wordpress theme and Joomla theme which have the same design.

It’s considered as different versions. As like you can create one PSD file, code it as HTML and sell them both.Also you can create WordPress and upload it. And Magento, Joomla, OpenCart version as well. These variants are consider as a new version ( depends on the original one ) but you cannot sell the WordPress version at the same time on different marketplaces ( with exclusive account )

@ki-themes Once again thanks for the answer! To be sure I sent the question to the support.