Sell on another platform along envato


I have a question about items selling on envato/themeforest.

I design a PSD with the name “ABC” and upload it on envato/themeforest for selling, it gets approved and starts selling. Can I create its WordPress theme with the same name and the same design to upload on as a free theme and sell its premium version on my own website?

Please let me know if there is any limit with the exclusive author.

Also, please let me know the knowledge base for such policies of envato.


if you can do it as you have explained it yourself, in that order

No, you cannot. If any of the items are approved/sale at Envato, you cannot sell the same item elsewhere with an exclusive account

About the WordPress free theme, you will have to follow some steps as well.

Hi @ki-themes , thanks for your response.
But on envato that is PSD design, not a WP theme which I am asking to sell on my own website.
Since both are of different types, still I will not be allowed?

Read this article Exclusivity Policy – Envato Author Help Center
Both types related to Product Family.

It doesn’t matter if the PSD, HTML or WordPress ( or other CMS )
Once you submit the item at Envato, you cannot sell the same item elsewhere. Only way to change your account type ( non - exclusive account ) Then you can sell it at the same time everywhere.