Exclusive Account Question


I have psd templates and I am selling the same psd designs in many other categories on themeforest like html, wp, drupal, react and vue. If I want to sell the same design on another marker place in a different category which doesn’t exist on the themeforest.

My question is that can I sell the same design which is available on themeforest in a different category on another platform with an exclusive account?

Looking forward to hear some positive feedbacks. Thanks


I saw that you are a exclusive author you can’t sell your design to other marketplace. I understand your points(same design to other category) that can be pull violation. In that case you can get more clarification from envato market author support team they can give you official answer.


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I already contacted with the envato here is what they said…

If you are exclusive.

And if you are selling an item with us exclusively.

Then any item related to this e.g. PSD, HTML, WordPress, Joomla etc must also be sold with us.

Only if we do not support a platform, can you sell this elsewhere and still remain exclusive, but we would hold the right to enforce this once/if we choose to add this at a later date.

According to this comment, It looks like I can sell same design in different category which themeforest doesn’t support. But whenever they will add that category. They will have the rights to ask me for removing items from another marketplace.

you got the answer :+1: