Theme rights

Can someone from Envato let me know regarding my follow question?

  • an author exclusiv (have only HTML themes) from Themeforest will send me rights to convert some html themes to Joomla.
    I want this themes joomla to sell them only on my personal website, not on themeforest.

Can i sell them on my website? Or i don’t have rights to sell them out of themeforest?

Thank you


it is possible to sell themeforest html items Joomla version at your won website.
You have to contact with your html template right author. If html author give you permission then you are able to sell that item joomla version in your website.


as a exclusive Author the html Item Author can’t sell their Item outside Envato market. So, I think you can’t sell that Author html to joomla template out of themeforest. But you can make a partnership with him to make html to joomla template and can sell at themeforest.

Hi all,
Thanks but i see two different responses:D

So,this autor exclusive on themeforest have only html and is friend of mine.

He will sell me rights for all html themes and i will make them all to Joomla and i want to sell them on my site not here.

Can i make this or those themes can only here uploaded?

I saw few item like that what your write. but remember exclusive author can not sell. their item same type product different place.

suppose if you want to sell joomla version outside market (your won site) then you are not able to sell that joomla in envato market.
Other wise okay.


you and your friend both are exclusive author, right? Just I like to share you:

What is exclusivity?

As an author on Envato, you have the choice to offer your items on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis with Envato. If you choose to offer your items on an exclusive basis, then you’ll benefit from lower author fees, but this means you cannot sell, distribute, or even give away for free your items (or any related items) outside of Envato. This includes on your own website.

If you are not clear till now then please Contact Support they will give you best answer.

Those html will be sale only in Themeforest as html
All Joomla templates will be sale only on my website, not in Themeforest
Also some themes was in themeforest on Joomla on his account and was deleted, can i upload also those themes on my site to sell theme?

To be short

  • if i have html in themeforest i can sell this html only in themeforest
  • if i have html in themeforest and i will convert those into joomla/wordpress and this themes will be sell only on other site/market is ok,?

Yes, i think you can do it.

this article make you more clear about

Exclusivity Policy

More information you can inbox me