WordPress v4.5 and Visual Composer Compatibility Update

Hi Authors,

We’re getting in touch to let you know about a compatibility issue in the Visual Composer: Page Builder for WordPress versions prior to (releases prior to 16th April, 2016). Previous versions of this plugin will not work with the latest version of WordPress (version 4.5, released 12th April, 2016).

This is an important compatibility issue and you should take action now.

What You Should Do
In order to resolve the incompatibility you will need to update your theme to include version or later of Visual Composer.

To enable improved Visual Composer version checking in the review process, we have added “Visual Composer” to the “Compatible with:” attribute list (see your items’ Edit tab). Once updated, please select this attribute for all affected and updated items. This will assist us in prioritising these item updates and identify other items that may still be affected.

Please note:

  • Item attribute changes via Edit tab are saved independently from resubmitting file updates. Please update the item’s attributes first and click “Save Changes” before proceeding to upload the updated files and clicking “Submit Files for Review”.

  • There is a bug in Visual Composer 4.8 to 4.11.2 that prevents users updating Visual Composer via TGM Plugin Activation. If your update instructions advise users to update plugins via TGM Plugin Activation, you should consider providing alternative update instructions. Once users have completed the update to, they will be able to update via TGM Plugin Activation again in future.

Items that have not been updated to this version by the end of Friday, April 29, 2016 AEDT will be soft-disabled, requiring an update in order to be re-enabled.

What You Should If You Have Already Updated
When you have updated your theme to include the version of the plugin, please set this attribute on the item’s Edit tab when uploading for review.

Have Questions?
Please ask questions in this thread and we will try to resolve them as soon as possible.

Thanks for your assistance.

The Envato Team


I just checked the VC plugin changelog and the latest release they list there is 4.11.2, I can’t find anywhere http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431#item-description__updates
I just updated my theme a couple of days ago and in no way was I notified that there was a newer version of VC plugin than the one advertised through their changelog, no email notification either.
Please clarify.


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Regarding the bug of Visual Composer that prevents users updating, I used this code in my theme to fix it.

function noo_enable_vc_auto_theme_update() {
	if( function_exists('vc_updater') ) {
		$vc_updater = vc_updater();
		remove_filter( 'upgrader_pre_download', array( $vc_updater, 'preUpgradeFilter' ), 10 );
		if( function_exists( 'vc_license' ) ) {
			if( !vc_license()->isActivated() ) {
				remove_filter( 'pre_set_site_transient_update_plugins', array( $vc_updater->updateManager(), 'check_update' ), 10 );
add_action('vc_after_init', 'noo_enable_vc_auto_theme_update');

@jremick: this section isn’t clear to me:

What You Should If You Have Already Updated
When you have updated your theme to include the version of the plugin, please set this attribute on the item’s Edit tab when uploading for review.

I’ve already updated some of my items, so is it ok if I only change the attribute because editing attribute doesn’t require “uploading for review”?

@jremick All of our themes updated few days ago which included latest version of Visual Composer ( However I got 3 emails notice me about update Visual Composer, strange that 3 email for just one item.

What we should do now? just update the item’s attributes is ok?

Hi WPCharming,

Thanks for letting us know about the emails. I’ll look into that.

For your items, please update the “Compatible with:” attribute and you’ll be all set. Thanks!

You’ll only need to update the “Compatible with:” attribute. Thanks!

I didn’t received an update notice email about I just woke up and see I have 5 hours to update my themes or face soft disable. Ok, it is only my fault I’ve built my themes around this plugin, I won’t do that mistake again.

Don’t worry, the deadline is 29th, not today :slight_smile:

Right, I am blind, but I’ve already started making updates so I will just finish them :slight_smile:

@jremick Same here, I’ve also received emails, although I’ve updated all themes already. Please confirm that all I need to do is update “Compatible with:” attribute.

Yup, just update the attribute. :slight_smile:

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@jremick I have updated all my items with Visual Composer 4.11.2 version with is compatible with WordPress 4.5 and today I received number of emails and seems that your system shouted automatically and just highlighted two of my items in about 20 emails. Item one of them doesn’t have Visual Composer :smiley: . Please check with your system whether it is shouting the correct emails.

However I see the “Attribute” now and I’ll set it for my items :slight_smile:

Hi @jremick,

I just got an email telling me that I need to update VC for one of my item. But in fact, the latest version of the item already includes VC in the package. So what to do now?

If I update only the attribute on the item description for VC compatibility without reuploading, will it get soft-rejected on the deadline date?


If you’ve updated your theme and added the latest VC attribute, you’re all set. :slight_smile:

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@jremick when you say could you quickly confirm you actually mean this:

07.04.2016 - ver 4.11.2

From the VC changelog, or is there a version hidden from the public?

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Hi tommusrhodus,

The most recent version is, updated on 15.04.2016 and processed through review on the 16th. This version adds appropriate escaping for a jQuery update.

Thanks, is the implication then that 4.11.2 is insufficient and is the only way or we’re soft rejected?


I have received an email regarding visual composer update with the theme we have not integrated Visual Composer at all.

I am sure it must be a mistake!

We have given compatibility with only one theme

and theme has released an update recently in this regard…

Please let me know if you guys want me to send Visual composer update with TheEvent which is not compatible with VC neither we have advertised.

Thank You

We’ll be looking for compatibility with this most recent version, so please do update. Thanks!

Hi kodeforest,

Occasionally we get false positives, which appears to have happened in this instance. I’ve logged your mentioned theme for our team to ensure it’s not affected when we re-check for themes that haven’t updated. Thanks for letting us know.

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