Wordpress : ThemeForest TOTAL theme and Contact Form 7 + recaptcha V3 NO MORE Working

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Since dec 18 2018
In WP TOTAL theme, upgrading the recommended Contact Form 7 plugin to v 5.1.1 , all forms are broken: the forms are no more sending the content when integrating recaptcha.
One gets a display of the Orange Border Response : “Error trying to send message”

On Contact Form 7 web site one can read:

It is expected that some websites using reCAPTCHA v3 will experience side effects from the changes in 5.1.1. In those cases, you will see a response message surrounded by an orange border every time after you submit a form.
The orange border indicates that a spammy attempt has been detected by a spam protection module like reCAPTCHA. Seeing the orange border every time is obviously abnormal unless you are a real spambot.

If you get into such situations after upgrading to 5.1.1, you are advised to ensure that the theme you use properly loads JavaScript in the footer area of each page.

We know some theme authors improperly omit wp_footer() call to block scripts from loading. That is one of the worst practices in theme development that will surely causes problems like those explained above. Ask the theme author for a fix if you find your theme has such issues

So I understand that even the latest very recent TOTAL theme upgrade is not compatible with the recaptcha V3 requirements. Will this be fixed pretty soon in next TOTAL theme release ? (of course disabling the recaptcha antispam plugin make things working)


Hi Bob!

We only provide support for our items via the Themeforest comments on the item page and our own ticketed support system. This is the only way we can be sure we’re providing support to folks who have purchased the theme. If you could reach-out to us using one of those methods we’d be happy to help!


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